Best 7 K-Dramas from 2016

Hello friends. This year K-drama land was intense. If you don’t follow all the dramas like I do, you must feel overwhelmed by your ever-growing list of titles you have written somewhere. But no worries, I have watched 90% of them and bring to you a comprehensive list, the creme de la creme of dramas, according to me.


7-Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This drama will creep up on you and keep you attached because of all the lovable characters, main and side ones. The portrayal of friendship is just great. We mostly have bromance in dramas, but a cute trio of girls always there for each other? Not so much. The main OTP is also adorable because the writer takes her time for their feelings to develop from friendship to more. A cute and light watch.



This is either a hit or miss among people. For me, it was mostly a hit. The script for me is pure gold. The comedy, all the cute fluff from our OTP, the second couple, the banter between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper, are all reasons making this drama worth watching. However, if you want a shorter drama for your busy schedule, I would skip this, might be uneventful for most.



5-Answer me 1988

The whole answer me series is just So my cup of tea every time. The group of friends all have their unique story, and no character gets left out of the spotlight, even the ahjummas. The nostalgia feels creep up on you and stay there for a long time. Realistic love lines, stressing that TIMING is the most important thing in relationships.



4-Second time 20 Years Old

This drama has many unique elements that makes it so lovable. A mother heroine that gets a second chance at youth and higher education. If you want to be in a realistic university school setting, this one’s for you. Super light and fluffy, but still tugs at your heartstrings.


3-Oh Hae Young Again

If you’re in that hibernation winter mood, where you don’t want to go outside and see anyone and just want to wallow in your misery and loneliness, and still enjoy it. Watch this. The main girl makes you live her life, feel her crappy and sad emotions, watch her make a fool of herself, but is always true to her nature. Watch this if you’ve ever been jealous of what someone has and you don’t, because in the end that’s all of us.


2-Jealousy Incarnate

This is one of the best love triangles played out in drama land. Our main male character is so flawed with his huge macho pride even when he gets breast cancer.  But, his love portrayal is strong to the point of desperation. A very satisfying watch in many ways. I’ll admit I completely skipped the whole story with the chef and the fight over the teenage girl Red’s custody, so if you decide their arc is not for you, you can safely skip it without missing anything.




1-Moon Lovers

Why watch? Beautiful directing, unexpected and original plot, lots of eye candy, amazing acting, and beautiful love lines. The first episodes are light, but things get intense without you even realizing. Great pace and one of the best dramas I’ve seen, and I’ve seen A LOT. I will never understand people who hated this drama, but I respect your opinion. I mean where else will we get all these cuties in one drama?




Evolution & Religion


During my college years, I heard a lot about Evolution mostly in Biology classes, and even in Humanities classes. As a Muslim, throughout all scientific discoveries, the Koran was hand in hand with that, there was no clash whatsoever. How mountains are formed as pegs, how the embryo develops in the mother’s uterus, the stages of an embryo, how in the ocean salt water and normal water don’t mix and clearly have a barrier, and honestly the list goes on. This is why most Muslims don’t just believe blindly, they are 100 % sure of their religion. Because the more we question it, the more we learn knowledge, not just religious knowledge, any knowledge, because as Muslims it is our duty to learn, in fact the first verse of the Koran revealed to our Prophet PBUH was “READ”.

So coming to the touchy topic of evolution and hopefully by the end it won’t be so touchy at all. Was I worried when I learned about evolution? Not really, because if I was, I would’ve read more about Evolution and tried to understand it more, but I didn’t feel like it at the time and didn’t see the need to. But I should’ve, but it;s never too late.

So recently I saw an Islamic scholar (who’s also majored in Theology and Engineering and Chemistry) talk about Islam and Evolution in a really clear and logical manner.

Basically what I understood is that the Koran doesn’t clash with evolution for about 99% of it. Let’s get sciency.

Microevolutions of species are undeniable, macroevolution is also a given (since it is simply a series of micro-evolutions). Perhaps the origin of life was all from one bacteria or whatever it was (sorry bio is not my strong subject) and everything diverged from there. Do we have a problem so far? Not in the least. Our Koran did not give us a timeline of what happened exactly so whatever science claims, we have no reason to refute it thus far. SO over a course of millions of years species evolved, and later on there came Homo Erectus and Homo Neanderthalensis and finally Homo Sapiens a.k.a us. The 1 % or even less concerning evolution that Muslims cannot accept is simply the fact that we evolved from Homo Neanderthalensis, even though from the scientific paradigm , it completely makes sense that one follows the other like a domino. However, in the Koran God clearly stated that He created us like no other species, giving us intellect and free will, making us truly believe that we did not evolve from animals (apes). So for us, evolution is all fine and dandy until that last piece of the puzzle, because we are Muslims and the Koran is what draws the line for us.

So as Muslims we shouldn’t dismiss completely the theory of Evolution as it makes complete sense and doesn’t clash with what we believe in, except for that one tiny part. And for me, personally, it all makes sense now. I mean before Homo Sapiens, no species drew on walls, used a system of language to communicate, they didn’t have great civilizations like we did, they did not have the intellect to understand what they know, and how they know it and so on. Animals simply know when to flee a danger, it’s in them. But they cannot reflect on what they know and gain more knowledge, but we can.


I hope that wasn’t too confusing and if it was I suggest you go watch the video I put in, he says it so much better than I do. I just wanted to put it somewhere and make sure I understand this and reflect on it, I mean isn’t that why we have great intellect? To read and learn and think and reflect and come up with conclusions ourselves.







Abu Dhabi


Sheikh Zayed Mosque










That clear blue sky with that white contrast. Applauds to them mosque architects. I wish mosques in Canada were this nice. But in the end, they’re all the house of God, so I guess it doesn’t matter much.


dancing fountains always make me so emotional, like why you do this < /3


So you can swim and directly eat 10x more in this restaurant.

Truth is Abu Dhabi, you had too many food options. TOO. MANY. And that means so many regrets when coming back and not having tried that 30 + restaurant list on my phone and laptop and hotel room. Peter Bender was right, too many good options to choose from is a highly stressful & problematic situation to be in.



The mall with so many Abayas & scarves to choose from, all I got after this shopping trip was higher levels of stress.


in Dubai mall, featuring some sharks and a few other lovely sea creatures watching us watch them.


Snowy & Gold


Marina & Etihad towers


I found Grumpy cat in my uncle’s backyard.




Them quiet morning beach walks me, the clear blue sky & my banana milk


The most talkative cat ever, followed me around, yelled at me, rejected my yogurt, but eventually showed me his tummy meaning by the end he sorta trusted me.


them palm trees




Didn’t take as much pictures of places as last trip, because sometimes the people you meet are more memorable than the places you visited.




Until next time~




Where Do We Go From Here?


Last night, Paris was hit with the worst attacks of terrorism since World War II. As suspected, ISIS claimed responsibility for these attacks as if it’s their own sick badge of honour. My prayers go out to the families of the deceased and to the injured. May they find a measure of peace in these difficult times. And also to the people of France as well; I pray that this cowardly act of barbarism doesn’t blind them to the humanity present in each and every one of us; I pray that they do not seek revenge against Muslims that, with them, denounce these radicals.

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What is Your Pursuit?

We are at the time in the semester when all you see are your deadlines, your upcoming tests, orals, projects, assignments and it’s difficult to see the light. However, I’m writing this because I strongly feel it is important for every one of us to stop, and THINK. Ask yourself these three questions, as I did so myself. What you are doing? Why you are doing it? What exactly are your pursuing, what is your end goal?

It is so easy to forget why you are doing what you are doing in the first place. We simply just go with the flow and say “I’ll figure it out later.”

Honestly, I’m kind of sick of pushing it off until later. I want to find one or several things I want to change in this world. I want to make an impact. I don’t simply just want to go to school, graduate and get a job to get money. I want more than that.

I’m writing this because I want to make myself accountable for it later, so I don’t forget. The problem is young people have lots of ambition, dreams and beautiful goals and aspirations, that help themselves and others. However, adults try to help us by keeping us focused and telling us to be realistic, we’re too young to make an impact.

So what do I wish to change?

I want people and more specifically girls to love themselves more, and not need to seek anyone’s validation. I want everyone to offer the world more than how they look hot in social media posts. I want innocent people to stop dying because of a political conflict. I want people in power to stop abusing their power and do good things for their citizens. I want children to have safe homes they can come to, and not worry whether a drone will kill them in a click of a button. I want every person to not go to sleep when they’re starving. I want every person to go to sleep in a HOME, not on the streets. I want boys AND girls in conflict zones and underdeveloped countries to have access to education, but what I mostly want from me and everyone around me who does have access to education and other resources to think about what you want to change in this world, and how you want to make an impact on the lives of others.

I feel extremely lucky and grateful that I can go to University, eat delicious food, and come home to a safe haven, knowing millions of others would die to be in my shoes. But all my blessings aren’t because I deserve all this. They’re blessings to help me help others that are less fortunate in any way that I can. I don’t know how yet, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to change anything alone, but I know I shouldn’t stop trying to pursue positive change in this world.

Overwhelmed not stressed

This is my first semester in University and I’m feeling overwhelmed in every way possible. Is that a bad thing? Of course not. But it’s an intense feeling.

When you stand in front of a big, beautiful mountain that contains an incredible amount of wildlife, different trees and species, you don’t just turn away from it and go back home just because there’s a lot to explore. Feeling challenged is normal, but you also feel a sense of awe that Wow just how fruitful and challenging the journey ahead of me is.

It just hit me how hard university is, because of all this information you’re digesting in little time all on your own. At the same time, university really is the closest thing to life. Life is a huge test and the process of studying for it and preparing takes a lifetime with so much topics and themes to cover. You might not possibly cover it all.

To put it simply, I just realized how much I want to learn and there is to learn, academic wise and spiritual wise. What’s awesome about Islam is that you don’t just focus on being spiritual in the heart and feeling connected with God. Being spiritual is vital, but it goes hand in hand with intellectual learning, and that balance is what we always strive for in life.

I honestly find incredible how people can feel certain things, and describe it in a way to somewhat give them justice because I can’t, and I hope to be able to with hard work.

Doing my calculus, materials engineering and physics homework as well as listening to a lecture about the 1st chapter of the Qur’an and how perfectly balanced it is was I guess too much to handle, that I just needed to stop everything and just digest it. There’s no point for learning all these formulas, and facts when you have no time to just ponder about what you just learned and feel it sink in.

Learning really is vital for us, so I hope I don’t give up because I feel overwhelmed by how much there is to learn.

~Good luck to all the students starting school

All we have is effort

I just watched a really inspiring video and wanted to share it with you all. It benefited me in a sense and gave me a new perspective and lens to think with everything we do in life, and I hope it can benefit you all! Even if you’re not at all religious, you can definitely benefit from it and give you some sort of a pep talk to help you get off your lazy bum and realize your full potential.

To sum the video up, the speaker was putting on a ladder the different kinds of pursuits and the amount of effort required, the higher up in the list, the more effort is needed from us to attain (from bottom to top):

8- pursuit of happiness (watching movies, playing video games, going out to eat)

7- pursuit of being “cool” fitting in with others

6- pursuit of popularity among others

5- pursuit of prestige (having the nicest car, wearing known brands)

4- pursuit of money

3- pursuit of excellence in everything you do (work, family life, grades..) being the best we can be

2- pursuit of impact (making a change in this world, helping a person, or on a wider scale the planet)

1- pursuit of truth/ ideal (example justice, equality, something we can’t see in this world)

But what is the underlying principle of everything is effort. All that humans have is their effort and pursuit. People judge others based on the result they see. For example, we see when someone gets really good grades, when another gets bad or mediocre grades. I personally would give better judgment for the person with the higher grades, but that’s because I haven’t compared the efforts they both made. God is the only One who sees how much effort we put into something, even if nobody in the world sees it. God doesn’t care about our results, if we make outstanding results with little effort, what have we really accomplished?

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that we have to stop being so lazy and start putting more effort, the most effort we can put. At work, work the best. When you eat, eat the best food (I know extremely hard for food lovers like me), when you study do your best you can do and who cares about your results (they usually come automatically with effort), and most importantly put the most effort in yourself and in your life. We have such a short time on this earth, and we want to make the best of our time here. We are granted many opportunities, but it isn’t for a low cost, we have consequently many issues on our shoulders that we have to carry. Let’s not waste our time making easy effortless pursuits like happiness when we can have much higher pursuits for truth/ideals and making an impact on this world, no matter the result, as long as we make the effort.

2 awesome easy recipes

Earthlings, I come to you today with 2 very easy recipes that will blow your mind and excite your tastebuds like never before. When you have an 8 hour shift for work and have no motivation to go, just make one of these recipes for lunch and you’ll have a beautiful reward waiting to be devoured come lunch time. Let us waste no time and dwelve into them.

The first one is Mi goreng a la egg.


You need 3 simple ingredients:
1 mi goreng noodle package available in most international sections of grocery stores (Maxi and cie if you live in canada)

1 or preferably 2 eggs if you eat a lot like me

1 tablespoon of soy sauce.

1-First cook the noodles to your preference (aldente or very cooked)

2- drain noodles of water and add the spice packages provided with youe noodles.

3-On the side crack the amount of eggs you want in a separate bowl and microwave the bowl after having poked the eggs twice or thrice with any pointy utensil for about 50 seconds or until cooked. Don’t skip the poking part because the eggs might rebel and explode on your microwave walls.

4- Once your egg(s) are fully cooked distribute the soy sauce evenly on them.

5- Finally let the noodles and the soy sauced eggs reunite together to make a wonderful filling yet so simple to make meal.

Now if you’re more into spicy food than guys like I am, I highly recommend this second recipe. It has more ingredients but is pretty fast to make.


You’ll need:

1 sandwich type of bread, a thick kind like ciabatta

Pickled Banana red peppers (comes in a jar)


A bit of hot pepper paste

Pulled or grilled chicken (any leftover meat will actually do)

Lettuce and mayo to garnish your sandwich

1- heat your oven until it’s hot.
2- Cut your bread until it is open enough to stuff food inside it.
3- put your chicken on the right side, distribute it.
4- spread a bit of hot pepper paste on the left side.
5- ADD THE BANANA PICKLED PEPPERS. Do not omit this part or else you will have insulted me.
6- put your cheese on top of your PEPPERS.
7- Don’t close your sandwich and put it in your now hot oven.
8- once your bread is toasted and your cheese has melted take it out.
9- Add the lettuce and mayo inside, and close the sandwich.

10- You may now devour the sandwich.

Bon appetit kids.

10 unsolved mysteries

stolen from asparkofmoonlight’s post ^^ and I wanted to share this video (hope you don’t mind girl xD )

This video shows me just how little I am, how little knowledge me and even most scientists and scholars have. The universe is expanding and so are the mysteries that surround the cosmos and how all the laws and systems interact together in order to make life possible on earth for us. It’s honestly awesomely mind boggling just thinking about what lies above us.

In the Quran it is said that the sun is following a trajectory until it stops, and we know that the sun moves, but what exactly happens when it stops moving? So many questions unanswered, but we do know religion aside that since there was a beginning there must be an end to come, and it’s important to keep that in mind. I feel like we live our lives as if we’ll be alive forever as if we have all the time in the world when we obviously don’t. Just like us, the universe must have an end. It’s important to keep ourselves in check not thinking we know everything and that we have all the time to accomplish things and increase in knowledge.

ththe world

Continuous Disappointments

The newest big thing that people are seriously debating recently is whether we should free the nipple or not. Women are demanding this right, since men are allowed to show their nipples in public, women want to be able to legally as well. Now I might go completely off topic but bear with me please.

I understand that these days, in a world where freedom is highly granted to most western citizens that live in democracies, and don’t experience living in oppression this might be an important issue. When you’re granted a certain freedom, you keep demanding more of it, it’s simply human nature especially when there’s no limits to that freedom. And that underlies our problem today with women parading around cities like in Vancouver topless, because they want to be seen as equal to men.

I understand your demand for equality on big issues like being able to vote, being able to work, owning a property or money, but protesting for something as useless as freeing the nipple is honestly beyond me. Clearly people have too much time and energy on their hands and have no idea where to put it.

I am to say the least disappointed with us as a generation. We keep quiet when people are being oppressed, when their basic human rights are being taken away from them, we ignore when drones are killing people because someone around them might be a ‘terrorist suspect’ resulting in families being torn apart, people being killed for crimes they did not commit and the list goes on and on.

What my issue is with whatever this is, isn’t whether women can walk around topless or not, it’s why are we not fixing the world first, helping people live decent lives, have clean water and food to eat at minimum instead of these useless debates.

So yeah I’m disappointed in me and us for wasting so much of our valuable time debating such simplistic things and I wish the media would care more about vital and more important issues, give attention to them so we citizens can act accordingly.