13 reasons why

For my first post, I’m going to be reviewing/commenting on the novel I recently read in one shot: Jay Asher’s “13 reasons why”. Whoever didn’t read it already definitely should because it gives a different perspective on such a touchy topic : suicide.

Before reading this book, I was and still am completely against suicide and people who consider it. Every day is not a given right it’s a gift, and why would you throw away something so precious because of whatever challenges life ends up throwing at you. There’s always a solution before considering that road. When someone has no ambition or reason to live, they’re already dead.


With that said, the novel is about a girl who commits suicide and sends out tapes with her recordings to every person who influenced her decision to take away her life. The book was filled with suspense and you wouldn’t want to put it down until you finished it, and I didn’t ..not even once. 

Unlike many books I’ve read, this one has a clear message that most people need to understand : everything you do or say affects the people around you in more ways than you can imagine. Before you do or say anything that might be hurtful to anyone, stop and THINK,  we have a brain for a reason and a conscience to tell us if we’re doing things right. Suicide is in the end one’s sole decision, however the people and environment you live in influence you to take that horrid decision. 

It’s also important to get away from people when things are rough and regain who you are and remember how priceless and precious life is.


Kind of a dark first post but I had to, so read that great book and get ready for a feels trip kids.







4 thoughts on “13 reasons why

  1. I do hope you become more educated on the matter of suicide. Not understanding people with a mental illness is part of the reason for the stigma that began in the Dark Ages. Mental Illness is just that…an illness that consumes those who suffer with it. Like cancer, diabetes, any other disease….it can kill and it does. Suicide is not a choice. It only looks that way to the casual observer who often judges those things they do not understand.

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