Back to civilization.. or not

The internet makes us feel so connected and secure since we know what’s happening on several social media sites, conversations with friends or people you know, what’s happening in the media and much more. I realized how dependant I was of this constant connection when I went for 2 nights to sleep over at my sister’s new apartment which has no wifi whatsoever. There I would read books and socialize with my sister, something that’s hard to do when you have a room and a laptop at home. But those two days, as disconnected as I felt and as itchy for going on the internet as I was, I was SO relaxed and happy and worry-free. I could focus on MY life, on what I’m doing with my day rather than what 200 of my “friends” are doing. 

Sometimes, we need a vacation from people and the outside world that we can’t seem to avoid with the presence of internet and just kick-back and relax and read a book or go on a walk. Which makes me wonder if we’re really improving our lives as we go on or actually destroying them with all these new devices and applications that keep popping up that make us waste our short and precious time here. 


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