Sisters of Sunnah Lessons

As Ramadan has started, goals are being thought of and being worked towards so that finally they can be met. We want to do as many good deeds as possible in this holy month that comes to us once a year and passes in the blink of an eye if you aren’t careful. I came upon a Youtube channel that posts discussions in the US about Islam basically people giving tips and good advice to people and thought I would share some of the lessons I’ve learned. It might be a bit messy but I hope they help you:

1- Everyone of us is a shepherd. Shepherds are people who take care of the stock (sheep or other animals) more than they would take care of themselves. They sincerely care about their well-being but get little money in return. That is how God wants us to be in our every day lives. He wants us to take care of our children, our parents, our friends, our spouses and everyone around us not for the money or anything, but for God to be pleased with us. The money shepherds get is so little but their internal gratification makes up for it. So everyone of us is a shepherd so take care of your stock.

2- When we think about the month of Ramadan, fasting is obviously what we think of first right? However that is the wrong mindset to go with. The most crucial part of this month is that the Koran was brought down to us in this holy month, and that is what we need to remember every time we remember this month. God stressed that several times, meaning this month is not simply about fasting, yes it’s a great part of it, but it is mostly about celebrating this Holy and Perfect Book that was sent to us. So take time to read, understand, and learn it whenever you can.

the last one for now is I find one of the most important lessons :

3- When you receive a gift from someone, our initial reaction is to thank the person who gave it to us right? Yet all the gifts in our lives are sometimes taken for granted, as if we’ve earned them, as if we deserve them and it’s our given right. That is a mindset we need to change and remember that all we possess are creations. Animals, plants, the earth, objects, people, and everything you can think of is a creation. The creation is created by the ultimate Creator God. The creations are what you can call the gifts to us. However sometimes we tend to love the gifts more than the giver. We love our kids, jobs, families so much that we forget who is the sole reason for their existence: God and we forget to Thank Him. So ultimately love your gifts and be thankful for them, but more importantly love He who gave you your gifts in life.

I hope you guys learned some things, these are very few lessons of so much more. If you guys want to hear them directly which I encourage you to here is the link:

Ramadan Kareem and may God give us patience and determination to achieve our goals!


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