Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Langkawi trip

If you are planning a trip to Malaysia and aren’t sure where to go, where to stay, you can read about our experience in these 3 cities and maybe get an idea 🙂

First off we traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Langkawi.

In Kuala Lumpur, we stayed at 2 hotels. The first one was V garden which was cheap, had really nice people who helped us and answered our 100 questions each day without getting tired of us, they aso have cheap delicious breakfasts and the rooms have everything you need. I hgihly recommend this place because it is a bit further from all the tourists and the city center but it is easy to get there by LRT train and really cheap too. The other hotel was a bit more expensive called Rainforest Bed and Breakfast located in Bukit Bintang. It was near all the bars and clubs, the staff were not very helpful but if you want a place in the middle of the nightlife stay there. We loved V garden a lot more.

We did a day tour we enjoyed called the Elephant tour: it included going to an elephant sanctuary which was nice, the Bhatu Caves which we found were overrated to be honest, it was a nice hindu temple but no need to come all the way just to see this alone. If it is included in your package go for it otherwise I wouldn’t quite recommend it. We also went to Deerland which we highly recommend as you get to go up close and personal with some animals: hedgehog, snake, lizard and of course deers.

Places to go: Pavillion Mall, Berjaya Times Square, Central Market and Merdaka Square, Chili’s which is at Suria KLCC another nice mall, KLCC park especially at night so you can see the dancing water fountains to music and that lights up.

We enjoyed going to Kuala Lumpur, and you will if you like cities, skyscrapers, impressive shopping malls, love food as there is every restaurant you can imagine and every type of food. We stayed for 6 nights and we felt it was enough. It is a good place to start your trip.

Next is Penang, which is a food haven and has a lot of food stalls. We stayed 3 nights and we felt it was enough. We went there by coach bus which was 35 ringgit (around 10 $) You can go book a ticket at Pudu Station but ask your hotel for more information. Make sure you go to the COUNTER directly and not get a ticket from any random sales person trying to sell you tickets. Be wary of those people.

Do go to Penang if you’d like to visit China because it is like an old Chinese town in Malaysia. There’s lots of food stalls at night mostly chinese food though. There is a few shopping malls in Georgetown. If you’d like  more relaxed atmosphere come visit this city, but research it a bit and see if it is what you would like. If you do, we stayed at the hotel Heritage Sixteen and the staff were great, the free breakfast was even greater and the rooms have what you need, it was a shared bathroom but it was all clean and suitable for us. Do go to the National Park there, the scenery is breathtaking and there is monkeys, aligators, really big butterflies and an adventure awaiting you there. Dress appropriately for the heat and wear sports shoes.  People in Penang are really nice, lots of old chinese folks there that helped us when we looked lost or when we didn’t know how to get to our destination. Turn off your data and google maps on your phones, and just ask people for directions, it’s a lot of fun to get lost, find your way, and talk to people and explore more at the same time.

Don’t plan too many activities per day but have a small plan in the morning so you don’t end up doing nothing.

Kek Lok Si temple is beautiful and must be visited, Batu Feringghi is also nice where the beach area is, but we didn’t have time for it and we were going to an island to swim after that.

Penang Hill was okay to be honest, but if you do go go in the morning or in the evening when it is not as crowded and make sure you don’t go when it’s cloudy, the whole scenery gets hidden and there’s no point of going there.

The best fried rice I’ve ever eaten is in Georgetown in a restaurant calledKopitan Classic, it is halal food if you are Muslim and has all the Penang delicacies you could wish for. Do visit there if you can it is near the Komtar Mall a 10 minute walk from there.

Do alsy try the white coffee in Penang, best coffee I have ever had and it puts Starbucks, Tim Hortons and all the american coffee shops to shame.

Komtar mall is a nice place to shop at because it is affordable, not too crowded and offers you enough choices. We each bought 2 pairs of flip flops there and we enjoyed shopping there even though it wasn’t as impressive as the malls in KL.

Basically all food in Malaysia is amazing because it is all self-grown and not imported from God knows where. SO get ready to eat a lot but necessarily gain weight because everything is fresh and organic, and the heat doesn’t allow you to eat as crazily anyway, all you’ll crave is water all the time.

Lastly Langkawi Island:

If you want peace, quiet and just a beauitful beach go to Perhentian Islands instead where the water is clearer for diving and snorkelling. But if you want a beautiful beach, with fun activites, more things to do and places to see go to Langkawi Island. We stayed at Cactus INN and it was a great place, location, with a restaurant near it called Cactus with the best food ever. The owner Mr. Lip is extremely friendly and would always want to show us random animals he sees in the trees and jungle near the hotel. At night you really feel like you are sleeping in the jungle but it is safe. Highly recommend this hotel we stayed for 4 nights and it was enough. It is near Pantai Tengah the quieter beach and a 30 min walk to Cenang Beach the more popular one with parasailing, jet ski and other water sports.

Again exercise caution and don’t trust everyone for safety reasons. Be wary of pickpocketers every where, don’t carry your passport or lots of money or valuables on you while you’re out and about and enjoy your trip to Malaysia! Next post will be of pictures Inshallah taken there but if you are planning to visit these places I mentioned, don’t look at the post to be more in awe when you see the real thing.

Thank you for reading and good luck!


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