The Purpose of Life

Such an important topic we try to cover in any way we can. We’re constantly searching for something anything to make our lives meaningful, to know WHY just why are we alive and here? Is my purpose to get an education, study, take tests, graduate then start all over again in the workforce ? Is my purpose after finding that job is to make money so I can achieve my long awaited dream to travel? After I’ve travelled and experienced it, is my purpose to settle down with a family? And then what? The question after all this time and effort remains unanswered, why are we here?

Some people never found out and might never find out, but thank God and only God for that, I did. More specifically 20 or more % of the human population and increasing have found an answer and the means to fulfill the answer. 1 beautiful word that people has been trying to taint but to no avail: Islam, submitting to Allah, God the One and Only Creator. We are here as his Creation and as His servants to worship God, live a pure life full of good deeds, knowledge, wisdom and joy. Why should we do that though? It’s simple, because if we do we are promised something that is nothing an eye has seen, a brain has imagined it is Jannah, Paradise. We are not judged by our appearance, weight, height, diploma or job, how successful one’s kids are, how many countries you travelled to, how many albums were sold. No, you’re judged on your character and actions both of which you have FULL control and responsibility of after you reach the age of puberty.

Funnily, humans think that if they finally find their purpose their job is done, they’ve succeeded. But they just begun. Living a life where you follow God’s commands because you love and fear him and are grateful to him is not that easy, but it is possible with effort. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, he expects our intentions to be sincere and our actions to be only good and not hurtful towards ourselves and others.

So I’m thankful I know and am satisfied with my purpose of life finally. But I’m mostly thankful that I realized what I need to do in my life and how to live before it’s too late. And my journey has just begun. I hope we all realize the truth and do the best we can to improve our hearts, strengthen our faith and purify our bodies and minds of anything bad. Let’s all strive for a productive last few days of Ramadan and a year full of blessings and goodness from Allah the Almighty. Ameen.


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