Negativity into Positivity

I must admit, these days the more connected to Allah (the arabic word for God) I am, the more peaceful, happy I am, there’s a definite correlation.
However like every other human being, I and We forget. Oh how we oh so forget. I’ll specify what we all forget a bit later in the post.

Whether life sometimes seems too difficult, depressing, flavorless, painful, full of anxiety and stress or when you simply have not a complete bad day, but parts of it are bad, so you perceive this specific day as a bad one at the end of the day.

Now how do I go from depressed and unhappy and turn it all around? It’s by remembering all that I forgot. Something that I see every day, eat every day, use every day, and am blessed with every day. So sisters and brothers, when you feel down by any kind of reason. Take a pen and paper and count down your blessings, all the good things in your life Allah granted you without you even asking Him. You’ll realize your list is
1) never going to end
2) never going to do justice to all your actual blessings and remember them all
3) your blessings list puts all the negative parts of your life to shame by how insignificant they are.

So let’s not forget when we wake up and when we go to sleep to thank Allah our Beloved Creator and the One who loves us beyond our imagination, for all that he blessed us and always have hope Allah will bless us even more in the Hereafter.

Have a wonderful night


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