Continuous Disappointments

The newest big thing that people are seriously debating recently is whether we should free the nipple or not. Women are demanding this right, since men are allowed to show their nipples in public, women want to be able to legally as well. Now I might go completely off topic but bear with me please.

I understand that these days, in a world where freedom is highly granted to most western citizens that live in democracies, and don’t experience living in oppression this might be an important issue. When you’re granted a certain freedom, you keep demanding more of it, it’s simply human nature especially when there’s no limits to that freedom. And that underlies our problem today with women parading around cities like in Vancouver topless, because they want to be seen as equal to men.

I understand your demand for equality on big issues like being able to vote, being able to work, owning a property or money, but protesting for something as useless as freeing the nipple is honestly beyond me. Clearly people have too much time and energy on their hands and have no idea where to put it.

I am to say the least disappointed with us as a generation. We keep quiet when people are being oppressed, when their basic human rights are being taken away from them, we ignore when drones are killing people because someone around them might be a ‘terrorist suspect’ resulting in families being torn apart, people being killed for crimes they did not commit and the list goes on and on.

What my issue is with whatever this is, isn’t whether women can walk around topless or not, it’s why are we not fixing the world first, helping people live decent lives, have clean water and food to eat at minimum instead of these useless debates.

So yeah I’m disappointed in me and us for wasting so much of our valuable time debating such simplistic things and I wish the media would care more about vital and more important issues, give attention to them so we citizens can act accordingly.


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