10 unsolved mysteries

stolen from asparkofmoonlight’s post ^^ and I wanted to share this video (hope you don’t mind girl xD )

This video shows me just how little I am, how little knowledge me and even most scientists and scholars have. The universe is expanding and so are the mysteries that surround the cosmos and how all the laws and systems interact together in order to make life possible on earth for us. It’s honestly awesomely mind boggling just thinking about what lies above us.


In the Quran it is said that the sun is following a trajectory until it stops, and we know that the sun moves, but what exactly happens when it stops moving? So many questions unanswered, but we do know religion aside that since there was a beginning there must be an end to come, and it’s important to keep that in mind. I feel like we live our lives as if we’ll be alive forever as if we have all the time in the world when we obviously don’t. Just like us, the universe must have an end. It’s important to keep ourselves in check not thinking we know everything and that we have all the time to accomplish things and increase in knowledge.

ththe world


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