2 awesome easy recipes

Earthlings, I come to you today with 2 very easy recipes that will blow your mind and excite your tastebuds like never before. When you have an 8 hour shift for work and have no motivation to go, just make one of these recipes for lunch and you’ll have a beautiful reward waiting to be devoured come lunch time. Let us waste no time and dwelve into them.

The first one is Mi goreng a la egg.


You need 3 simple ingredients:
1 mi goreng noodle package available in most international sections of grocery stores (Maxi and cie if you live in canada)

1 or preferably 2 eggs if you eat a lot like me

1 tablespoon of soy sauce.

1-First cook the noodles to your preference (aldente or very cooked)

2- drain noodles of water and add the spice packages provided with youe noodles.

3-On the side crack the amount of eggs you want in a separate bowl and microwave the bowl after having poked the eggs twice or thrice with any pointy utensil for about 50 seconds or until cooked. Don’t skip the poking part because the eggs might rebel and explode on your microwave walls.

4- Once your egg(s) are fully cooked distribute the soy sauce evenly on them.

5- Finally let the noodles and the soy sauced eggs reunite together to make a wonderful filling yet so simple to make meal.

Now if you’re more into spicy food than guys like I am, I highly recommend this second recipe. It has more ingredients but is pretty fast to make.


You’ll need:

1 sandwich type of bread, a thick kind like ciabatta

Pickled Banana red peppers (comes in a jar)


A bit of hot pepper paste

Pulled or grilled chicken (any leftover meat will actually do)

Lettuce and mayo to garnish your sandwich

1- heat your oven until it’s hot.
2- Cut your bread until it is open enough to stuff food inside it.
3- put your chicken on the right side, distribute it.
4- spread a bit of hot pepper paste on the left side.
5- ADD THE BANANA PICKLED PEPPERS. Do not omit this part or else you will have insulted me.
6- put your cheese on top of your PEPPERS.
7- Don’t close your sandwich and put it in your now hot oven.
8- once your bread is toasted and your cheese has melted take it out.
9- Add the lettuce and mayo inside, and close the sandwich.

10- You may now devour the sandwich.

Bon appetit kids.


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