All we have is effort

I just watched a really inspiring video and wanted to share it with you all. It benefited me in a sense and gave me a new perspective and lens to think with everything we do in life, and I hope it can benefit you all! Even if you’re not at all religious, you can definitely benefit from it and give you some sort of a pep talk to help you get off your lazy bum and realize your full potential.

To sum the video up, the speaker was putting on a ladder the different kinds of pursuits and the amount of effort required, the higher up in the list, the more effort is needed from us to attain (from bottom to top):

8- pursuit of happiness (watching movies, playing video games, going out to eat)

7- pursuit of being “cool” fitting in with others

6- pursuit of popularity among others

5- pursuit of prestige (having the nicest car, wearing known brands)

4- pursuit of money

3- pursuit of excellence in everything you do (work, family life, grades..) being the best we can be

2- pursuit of impact (making a change in this world, helping a person, or on a wider scale the planet)

1- pursuit of truth/ ideal (example justice, equality, something we can’t see in this world)

But what is the underlying principle of everything is effort. All that humans have is their effort and pursuit. People judge others based on the result they see. For example, we see when someone gets really good grades, when another gets bad or mediocre grades. I personally would give better judgment for the person with the higher grades, but that’s because I haven’t compared the efforts they both made. God is the only One who sees how much effort we put into something, even if nobody in the world sees it. God doesn’t care about our results, if we make outstanding results with little effort, what have we really accomplished?

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that we have to stop being so lazy and start putting more effort, the most effort we can put. At work, work the best. When you eat, eat the best food (I know extremely hard for food lovers like me), when you study do your best you can do and who cares about your results (they usually come automatically with effort), and most importantly put the most effort in yourself and in your life. We have such a short time on this earth, and we want to make the best of our time here. We are granted many opportunities, but it isn’t for a low cost, we have consequently many issues on our shoulders that we have to carry. Let’s not waste our time making easy effortless pursuits like happiness when we can have much higher pursuits for truth/ideals and making an impact on this world, no matter the result, as long as we make the effort.


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