Overwhelmed not stressed

This is my first semester in University and I’m feeling overwhelmed in every way possible. Is that a bad thing? Of course not. But it’s an intense feeling.

When you stand in front of a big, beautiful mountain that contains an incredible amount of wildlife, different trees and species, you don’t just turn away from it and go back home just because there’s a lot to explore. Feeling challenged is normal, but you also feel a sense of awe that Wow just how fruitful and challenging the journey ahead of me is.

It just hit me how hard university is, because of all this information you’re digesting in little time all on your own. At the same time, university really is the closest thing to life. Life is a huge test and the process of studying for it and preparing takes a lifetime with so much topics and themes to cover. You might not possibly cover it all.

To put it simply, I just realized how much I want to learn and there is to learn, academic wise and spiritual wise. What’s awesome about Islam is that you don’t just focus on being spiritual in the heart and feeling connected with God. Being spiritual is vital, but it goes hand in hand with intellectual learning, and that balance is what we always strive for in life.

I honestly find incredible how people can feel certain things, and describe it in a way to somewhat give them justice because I can’t, and I hope to be able to with hard work.

Doing my calculus, materials engineering and physics homework as well as listening to a lecture about the 1st chapter of the Qur’an and how perfectly balanced it is was I guess too much to handle, that I just needed to stop everything and just digest it. There’s no point for learning all these formulas, and facts when you have no time to just ponder about what you just learned and feel it sink in.

Learning really is vital for us, so I hope I don’t give up because I feel overwhelmed by how much there is to learn.

~Good luck to all the students starting school


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