Abu Dhabi


Sheikh Zayed Mosque










That clear blue sky with that white contrast. Applauds to them mosque architects. I wish mosques in Canada were this nice. But in the end, they’re all the house of God, so I guess it doesn’t matter much.


dancing fountains always make me so emotional, like why you do this < /3


So you can swim and directly eat 10x more in this restaurant.

Truth is Abu Dhabi, you had too many food options. TOO. MANY. And that means so many regrets when coming back and not having tried that 30 + restaurant list on my phone and laptop and hotel room. Peter Bender was right, too many good options to choose from is a highly stressful & problematic situation to be in.



The mall with so many Abayas & scarves to choose from, all I got after this shopping trip was higher levels of stress.


in Dubai mall, featuring some sharks and a few other lovely sea creatures watching us watch them.


Snowy & Gold


Marina & Etihad towers


I found Grumpy cat in my uncle’s backyard.




Them quiet morning beach walks me, the clear blue sky & my banana milk


The most talkative cat ever, followed me around, yelled at me, rejected my yogurt, but eventually showed me his tummy meaning by the end he sorta trusted me.


them palm trees




Didn’t take as much pictures of places as last trip, because sometimes the people you meet are more memorable than the places you visited.




Until next time~





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