Evolution & Religion


During my college years, I heard a lot about Evolution mostly in Biology classes, and even in Humanities classes. As a Muslim, throughout all scientific discoveries, the Koran was hand in hand with that, there was no clash whatsoever. How mountains are formed as pegs, how the embryo develops in the mother’s uterus, the stages of an embryo, how in the ocean salt water and normal water don’t mix and clearly have a barrier, and honestly the list goes on. This is why most Muslims don’t just believe blindly, they are 100 % sure of their religion. Because the more we question it, the more we learn knowledge, not just religious knowledge, any knowledge, because as Muslims it is our duty to learn, in fact the first verse of the Koran revealed to our Prophet PBUH was “READ”.

So coming to the touchy topic of evolution and hopefully by the end it won’t be so touchy at all. Was I worried when I learned about evolution? Not really, because if I was, I would’ve read more about Evolution and tried to understand it more, but I didn’t feel like it at the time and didn’t see the need to. But I should’ve, but it;s never too late.

So recently I saw an Islamic scholar (who’s also majored in Theology and Engineering and Chemistry) talk about Islam and Evolution in a really clear and logical manner.

Basically what I understood is that the Koran doesn’t clash with evolution for about 99% of it. Let’s get sciency.

Microevolutions of species are undeniable, macroevolution is also a given (since it is simply a series of micro-evolutions). Perhaps the origin of life was all from one bacteria or whatever it was (sorry bio is not my strong subject) and everything diverged from there. Do we have a problem so far? Not in the least. Our Koran did not give us a timeline of what happened exactly so whatever science claims, we have no reason to refute it thus far. SO over a course of millions of years species evolved, and later on there came Homo Erectus and Homo Neanderthalensis and finally Homo Sapiens a.k.a us. The 1 % or even less concerning evolution that Muslims cannot accept is simply the fact that we evolved from Homo Neanderthalensis, even though from the scientific paradigm , it completely makes sense that one follows the other like a domino. However, in the Koran God clearly stated that He created us like no other species, giving us intellect and free will, making us truly believe that we did not evolve from animals (apes). So for us, evolution is all fine and dandy until that last piece of the puzzle, because we are Muslims and the Koran is what draws the line for us.

So as Muslims we shouldn’t dismiss completely the theory of Evolution as it makes complete sense and doesn’t clash with what we believe in, except for that one tiny part. And for me, personally, it all makes sense now. I mean before Homo Sapiens, no species drew on walls, used a system of language to communicate, they didn’t have great civilizations like we did, they did not have the intellect to understand what they know, and how they know it and so on. Animals simply know when to flee a danger, it’s in them. But they cannot reflect on what they know and gain more knowledge, but we can.


I hope that wasn’t too confusing and if it was I suggest you go watch the video I put in, he says it so much better than I do. I just wanted to put it somewhere and make sure I understand this and reflect on it, I mean isn’t that why we have great intellect? To read and learn and think and reflect and come up with conclusions ourselves.








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