Best 7 K-Dramas from 2016

Hello friends. This year K-drama land was intense. If you don’t follow all the dramas like I do, you must feel overwhelmed by your ever-growing list of titles you have written somewhere. But no worries, I have watched 90% of them and bring to you a comprehensive list, the creme de la creme of dramas, according to me.


7-Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This drama will creep up on you and keep you attached because of all the lovable characters, main and side ones. The portrayal of friendship is just great. We mostly have bromance in dramas, but a cute trio of girls always there for each other? Not so much. The main OTP is also adorable because the writer takes her time for their feelings to develop from friendship to more. A cute and light watch.



This is either a hit or miss among people. For me, it was mostly a hit. The script for me is pure gold. The comedy, all the cute fluff from our OTP, the second couple, the banter between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper, are all reasons making this drama worth watching. However, if you want a shorter drama for your busy schedule, I would skip this, might be uneventful for most.



5-Answer me 1988

The whole answer me series is just So my cup of tea every time. The group of friends all have their unique story, and no character gets left out of the spotlight, even the ahjummas. The nostalgia feels creep up on you and stay there for a long time. Realistic love lines, stressing that TIMING is the most important thing in relationships.



4-Second time 20 Years Old

This drama has many unique elements that makes it so lovable. A mother heroine that gets a second chance at youth and higher education. If you want to be in a realistic university school setting, this one’s for you. Super light and fluffy, but still tugs at your heartstrings.


3-Oh Hae Young Again

If you’re in that hibernation winter mood, where you don’t want to go outside and see anyone and just want to wallow in your misery and loneliness, and still enjoy it. Watch this. The main girl makes you live her life, feel her crappy and sad emotions, watch her make a fool of herself, but is always true to her nature. Watch this if you’ve ever been jealous of what someone has and you don’t, because in the end that’s all of us.


2-Jealousy Incarnate

This is one of the best love triangles played out in drama land. Our main male character is so flawed with his huge macho pride even when he gets breast cancer.  But, his love portrayal is strong to the point of desperation. A very satisfying watch in many ways. I’ll admit I completely skipped the whole story with the chef and the fight over the teenage girl Red’s custody, so if you decide their arc is not for you, you can safely skip it without missing anything.




1-Moon Lovers

Why watch? Beautiful directing, unexpected and original plot, lots of eye candy, amazing acting, and beautiful love lines. The first episodes are light, but things get intense without you even realizing. Great pace and one of the best dramas I’ve seen, and I’ve seen A LOT. I will never understand people who hated this drama, but I respect your opinion. I mean where else will we get all these cuties in one drama?




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